Well, we’re planning to launch Page99Test.com this Tuesday, October 26. And we’re, um, exhausted. Our developer Steven has obviously been slaving away since receiving feedback from our “exclusive private beta” testers. And Lance has been forming new relationships with cool people, like some fine fellows over at AbeBooks and AnyNewBooks. I’ve been working on stuff like our first actual press release.

But we’re pretty jazzed about the amount of press we’ve already received without, well, ‘trying’. GalleyCat wrote about us, and the Guardian (UK) did a great article on us – as did The National in the middle east. Tons of bloggers have covered us – from editors to agents to writers to librarians. And CBC Radio here in Canada did about a minute on us… which is wicked-cool.

Add to that the latest: a podcast interview with Adam Stacoviak of FoundersTalk (formerly Web20Show.com). We were lucky to get the chance to talk with him yesterday, and he turned that into a podcast overnight. You can listen to it here

Thanks to everyone for your support! It’s made us very excited about this Tuesday…

Communications Tools We’d Recommend for New Startups
We’ve noticed that we’ve started using some cool tools very regularly. So here’s a quick overview of tools startups may want to consider using for connecting with the media, etc:

  • Twitter – I didn’t use it before Page99Test.com… but now I love it because it’s an amazing free way to connect
  • Skype – Not only can we connect as a ‘distributed’ team (of 3) over Skype, but journalists are requesting interviews using it
  • WordPressObviously. Even though we’ve been away from it for the past two weeks or so, we’ve wanted to blog more… and we look forward to blogging much more

Podcast on FoundersTalk – Adam, Lance, Joanna