My frazzled brain can barely wrap around the fact that this day, the first official day of, is now drawing to a close. Isn’t it odd that people in startups get this insane thrill – this rush – at the idea of staying up late to work on our little websites? Anybody out there who’s bootstrapping it works almost nonstop… and we love it.

The day you launch is pretty serious chaos. The emails sent through MailChimp. The help requests managed through Zendesk. The press release (eek! going out first thing Tuesday AM) sent through PRWeb. The pre-launch podcast on FoundersTalk. The custom emails to the many PR contacts your contacts hooked you up with. Tweeting and following tweets. Facebook updates. Checking in on the site repeatedly and facilitating that community. Dashing off page meta descriptions ‘cos you weren’t thinking about SEO quite enough, I guess. All while holding down your day job? Love it.

Even now, tired, head pounding from staring at these screens all day and night, I’m totally jazzed by it all. In fact, here is my haiku in place of an ode to being a bootstrapped-and-proud-of-it company called

Even now, tired
Head thumping, thumping, eyes strained
I love this startup