Who’s behind Page99Test.com and what’s our story?
The members of the team, in alphabetical order (because where would we be without the alphabet?!), are:

  1. Lance Jones, Co-Founder
    While working for PricewaterhouseCoopers back in the late 90s, Lance and his coworker spent every night on a startup called “StockTipster”, where users contributed and rated stock tips. Enjoyed instant success… until the crash of 2000. Since then, he’s consulted as a usability/user experience enthusiast and e-commerce optimization expert with a focus on web (i.e., A/B, MVT) testing. Oh, and he primarily reads business books.
  2. Steven Luke, Co-Founder
    A voracious reader, Steven has a degree in business. He taught himself to code by reading those big fat techy books that make Joanna cringe. After working at a small company, he went to Intuit, where he’s been the most sought-after developer in the Global Web team for years and where he now leads a team of developers. Oh, and he’s a super-taster. And he loves writing about his travels.
  3. Joanna Wiebe, Co-Founder
    The plan was always to be a ‘real’ writer, so Joanna went the BA route and then the MA route. But, alas, no books. Instead, she fell into a job as a copywriter at an agency… and, over the last 7 years, honed her skills as a value-prop advocate, an interaction designer, a web writer and a ‘persuasion enthusiast’. She’s read all the serious lit you’re supposed to read… but she LOVES beach reads. And she’s still unpublished – but agented now, at least.

Before Page99Test.com, we 3 worked on a site that lets homebuyers & sellers rate real estate agents… but the agents didn’t like us very much. So that site’s been on hold for ~2 years. Oh, well. This is more fun anyway!!!

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