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If you’re ever feeling great about yourself and wonder when the high is going to stop, here’s a quick way to expedite the inevitable low: try to make the publishing world less serious. Try to have a bit of fun in the ultra-serious world of Books, capital B.

It’s a sure-fire way to get knocked to your knees.

Something I just read makes me feel like a victim of publishing elitism… but I feel too low to recount my own story quite yet. So, instead, I’ll reference two classic examples of people who were flatly rejected by book snobs when they tried to inject a little fun into books: JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. Read the rest of this entry »


Every two weeks, we’ll post the published book deals for newly discovered fiction writers – because new writers need & deserve publicity. We’ll tweet these posts, in case you miss them. Also, if your first book deal has escaped our attention or if we’ve missed/inaccurately represented any details here, please comment or email us

AUTHOR: Taylor Polites
TITLE: Untitled
AGENT/AGENCY: Trena Keating of Keating Literary
PUBLISHER: Touchstone Fireside (Trish Todd)
DEAL DETAILS: Pre-empt between $50K – $100K
About a young wife whose husband dies of a mysterious blood fever, leaving her to navigate a world irrevocably altered by war, political treachery, and racial conflict where everyone is hiding something from her and her desire for independence may cost her her life. Read the rest of this entry »