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SUMMARY: Before the Kindle, was the price of a book merely a function of its printing, production, and distribution costs? Or was the price a measure of its value to the consumer? If it was really the former, then one would expect prices to fall with the advent of a digital distribution network. But if it’s the latter, then why are prices of books, movies, music, and software falling?

I noticed something interesting about my own behavior this weekend using Netflix, and I can’t help but wonder if it applies to others.

Netflix recently came to Canada with a $7.99/month all-you-can-eat, streaming media service (movies & TV) that works with your computer, iPhone, iPad, Sony PS3, and Wii. Despite a dearth of recently released movie titles, I can see this service severely cutting into my own visits to the local Blockbuster. Not only can I pick from a huge library of titles and watch them on demand, but Netflix does a decent job of recommending shows that I’ll likely enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »


Since Microsoft Word 1.0, there has been a low barrier to entry for anyone whose dream it was to write a book. If you had an idea for a story and the time to dedicate to the keyboard, you could produce a manuscript to enjoy by yourself or share with others. There have always been writers… with stories to tell… and very little friction – besides hard work and determination – to get in the way of completing a manuscript.

Now, if your dream extends beyond a Word document, let’s say, to getting your book sold through the retail channel, the barriers to entry become very large, very quickly. Unpublished writers are faced with trying to convince the gatekeepers of the publishing world – known as literary agents – that they have a marketable asset… something that can sell in volumes large enough to offset the tremendous costs of getting books into stores and in the hands of readers. Before the Kindle and e-publishing, this was practically the only path to getting published. Read the rest of this entry »