You make a product. You think it’s great. You launch it… and no one shows up. How’s a startup supposed to grow in an environment like that? – where you can build something useful that only 1/100,000 people are interested in? (Yay for early adopters! But every startup wishes it had more early adopters.)

It’s a problem we all have to face, of course. Attracting users is sort of hard. “If you build it, they will come” is simply not the case; and it’s never been the case – at least not since ye olde days when Kevin Costner had a career. No point in complaining, though. We just, as struggling startups, need to figure out a strategy to attract interest and/or get some press.

But even the old-fashioned problem-free path to press – throw money at a PR firm – won’t get a tech startup very far, necessarily. Michael Arrington’s been pretty vocal about sucky, annoying PR ‘stars’ who make rabid pitbulls look like Jedi masters. Press releases just feel dull. And, with success stories like Mint aside, old-school PR just isn’t cool enough or smart enough or ‘with it’ enough in the tech community to help startups get the blog coverage we need. Read the rest of this entry »